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BBP Local Leader Series – Lean Tour at Denso Automotive

BBP Local Leader Series – Lean Tour at Denso Automotive

Posted by About ME in on 28 October, 2016

Denso Automotive Systems Australia hosted our October ‘BBP Local Leader’ series event – 25 BBP attendees reaped the benefits!

A highly awarded company, Denso is a key supplier to the automotive industry, locally manufacturing engine cooling systems, air conditioning, air intake systems, fuel pump modules and instrument clusters as well as the sale of imported and aftermarket products. Operating from it’s ‘Merrindale’ address since 1989, DENSO is one of the best examples of the successful implementation of Lean principles winning many awards in its journey and multi-time winner of the Toyota Supplier of the Year.

The Denso ‘Lean Tour’ provided a unique opportunity for BBP businesses to learn first-hand from a local industry leader about the processes, and organisational culture that have sustained this best practice business in an extremely competitive industry.

BBP businesses were guided through an intensive tour of the plant with members of the Denso Executive team, with multiple opportunities to ask questions and immerse themselves in the ‘Lean culture’.

Mark James – Divisional Manager, Manufacturing & Purchasing – highlighted key aspects that were core to the success of the business and the permeation of Lean throughout the organisation. Key messages included:

Ensuring that data is captured and mapped on a continual basis to support a business case to implement change and also quantify improvements – Plan, Do, Check, Act are key elements of Lean.
Incremental improvements should be encouraged from all aspects of the business – including office/management processes.

The Lean ‘culture’ is one that requires business units to work together – acknowledging the inter-dependencies of processes within your organisation.

The ‘Just in Time’ philosophy is a key element of Lean – highlighted by the fact that Denso receive orders every 22 minutes from Toyota and co-ordinate twice daily deliveries.

At the core of Lean is the ability to visualise all types of waste (i.e products, time, practices, financial, defects), define the root cause and deliver an efficient and effective solution.

The Denso team are all ‘Associates’ (not staff) of the company, have the same uniform, park and work together in an open plan environment.

Celebrating the successes of the organisation, teams and individuals is a great way of acknowledging the outcomes of continuous improvement.

Thanks again to the Denso team for a great morning!